About Cheryl Bruder

About Cheryl Bruder

Great Horse Stories

Great Horse Stories

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More Great Horse Stories

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Great Horse Stories by Cheryl Bruder

As an equestrian and horse-lover, Great Horse Stories by Cheryl Bruder offers tales of growth, encouragement, friendship and courage, all wrapped up in captivating books to allow you to share Cheryl's love for horses. Every horse enthusiast loves a good horse story. Cheryl's stories are inspired in part from her own love of horses and from her love of writing. 

Author, Cheryl Bruder gives a quick synopsis of two of her horse stories. You don't have to be a horse lover to enjoy either of these compelling books.

Kelly Bower of 'The Rider' Newspaper has called My Mezeppa - "a real on- the-edge-of- your-seat nail biter..."

If you're ready to read Great HORSE Stories ....

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