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About Cheryl Bruder

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Great Horse Stories

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Great Horse Stories by Cheryl Bruder

As an equestrian and horse-lover, Great Horse Stories by Canadian author, Cheryl Bruder offer tales and novels of growth, encouragement, friendship and courage, all wrapped up in captivating books and e-books to allow you to share Cheryl's love for horses romance, drama, intrigue and fiction. Every horse enthusiast loves a good horse story. Cheryl's novels are inspired in part from her own love of horses and from her love of writing. 

Greathorsestories.ca presents

The official book trailer for 'Out of the Blue' by Cheryl Bruder
This epic tale of the mysteries and power of the spirit world that draws you in so you can't let go.

Betsy Hover--GoodReads review

"This book takes you on a journey that is involving love, tragedy and is a great horse story.  This is an wholesome good read and I would totally recommend this book."

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